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  • Understanding Your Roof and Installing Solar (News Item)

    There are a number of different roof types, and with each roof type, there is a different racking application that will help maximize your energy potential. Identifying your roof type begi ...

  • S-5! Clamps for Metal Roof Solar Installations (News Item)

    Are you having difficulty figuring out how to install solar on your metal roof? If so, you are not the only one, with different metal roof shapes and spacing it can be difficult to find an all in one ...

  • Two Year Anniversary of Solaris (News Item)

    2 Year Anniversary of Solaris-Shop.Com April 23rd, 2016 marks the 2nd Anniversary of Solaris Technology Industry, Inc., the day after the 46th Anniversary of Earth Day! We are excited to be a par ...

  • SolarEdge Inverters: The Complete Review (News Item)

    SolarEdge Inverters are one of the most popular and highest quality string inverter solutions for any residential or commercial PV array. The affordability matched with reliable, long-ter ...

  • Choosing SolarEdge PV Optimizers For Your System (News Item)

    *SolarEdge PV OptimizersAs we approach the summer of 2017, so does new lines of higher efficiency solar panels, new racking systems, better inverter lines – and the ever increasing addition of Sola ...

  • SolarWorld America Still Going Strong (News Item)

    SolarWorld, one of the solar industries most recognizable brands, created waves when SolarWorld AG and its German subsidiaries announced their insolvency on May 10 th. The company largely a ...

  • Renewable Energy Hits Milestone in US (News Item)

    Exciting news came to the United States renewable energy market in March of 2017 when wind and solar energy generated 10 percent of America’s electricity, a new energy milestone. This new milestone ...

  • Google's Project Sun Roof Tool (News Item)

    *Ariel View of Viable Roof-Top Solar Homes Google has become synonymous with the Information Age, and as the company continues to grow, it sets the bar for corporate renewable energy relian ...

  • What Happened to Solmetric Products? (News Item)

    *SunEye210 with GPS The acquisition of Solmetric by Vivint in 2014, left most installers and DIYers hopeful that Vivint would be producing replacement products and/or selling the popular So ...

  • SolarEdge vs SMA String Inverters: What's Best? (News Item)

    SolarEdge and SMA America are two of the worlds leading solar inverter manufacturers and innovators. Together, the companies have over 50 years of energy conversion technology; specifically the co ...

  • JLM Energy: Intelligent Energy Storage System (News Item)

    Energy storage is a time-consuming process, from research to maintenance, battery backup systems are oftentimes difficult to size, very expensive, and require a great deal of maintenance. Fur ...

  • Net Metering May Return to Nevada (News Item)

    The state of Nevada is home to more than just entertainment and casinos, with five to five and a half hours of peak sunlight it is also a prime location for solar energy. However, due to the 2015 l ...

  • Grounding Techniques to Prevent Inverter Damage (News Item)

    Although many inverters come with integrated grounding and arc fault protection, proper care to ensure complete grounding is necessary to ensure that your inverter will not be overcharged from a po ...

  • Fragile Peace Between Utilities and Renewable Energy (News Item)

    Utility companies to date have attempted to meet solar energy users halfway, offering incentives such as net metering to keep their customers tied to the grid. However, as residential solar applica ...

  • How to Pick the Best Inverter Manufacturer (News Item)

    Inverter sizing can be fairly straight forward with all the sizing tools and intuitive nature what the correct sized inverter should be. However, the picking the best manufacturer can sometimes be ...

  • Commercial Data Logging Solutions (News Item)

    Commercial power plants are beneficial for both individual companies and entire communities. Large scale commercial solar installations can be used to power large commercial buildings or provide re ...

  • California Bill Aims for 100% Renewable Energy (News Item)

    The last few years have seen great strides taken towards renewable energy dependence, particularly in the environmentally minded state of California. Under Senate Bill 100 (SB 100), the state has s ...

  • Better Energy Savings with System Monitoring (News Item)

    After determining the components, you need for your solar array such as solar panels, racking, inverters and so on, it is important to take time in looking into system monitoring. Monitoring compon ...

  • IronRidge vs SnapNrack (News Item)

    IronRidge and SnapNrack are two of the biggest names in solar racking. If you are new to solar, or are simply looking for the best racking system, it can be difficult to determine which racking ...

  • LG Chem RESU Battery: The Complete Review (News Item)

    You know LG from their popular electronics and solar panels. Now, LG Chem produces the high quality LG Chem RESU battery for hybrid solar energy storage. In this review, we will examine the LG Chem R ...

  • IronRidge Racking: The Complete Guide (News Item)

    IronRidge is a global leader in solar racking founded in the mid-1990’s and has since supported the growth of the industry by developing code-compliant racking solutions for roof and ground m ...

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