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Solar Resources

Solar Resources center contains a rich, detailed, and complete list of information for anyone considering going solar, to new or ongoing system owners, and installers who need resources for their next project. Browse through all of our articles and information, and feel free to Contact Us if you need any help. We will do our best to assist you.

General Information

Learn Solar – Understand Solar Energy, Solar Radiation, The Photovoltaic Effect, History of Solar Energy, Solar Cells, and how it all works. Also, summarized is the difference between Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Systems.

Solar Guide – If you considering going solar and are ready to learn all the necessary steps a DIY installer will need to complete, then our definitive Solar Guide will outline all the steps you need to take. You will learn: If Solar Is Right for You, What System Type You Need, Sizing Your System, and Designing Your System – all within our simple four step processes.

Solar Components – We will outline all the essential and non-essential components that go into a Solar Energy System to make it function properly. Derive a basic understanding of how a photovoltaic array runs and generally what products you need to complete the system.

Solar Rebate and Incentives – There are many Rebates, Incentives and Tax Credits available for Solar Energy System owners. Ranging from Local, State, and Federal Incentives; New system owners can benefit from an additional reduction in costs on the price of products and installation.

Solar Glossary – Find out the meanings, general functions, and technical terms in our Solar Energy Glossary. This list contains a complete overview of the terminology index for Solar Energy and the related functions that interact with various technology.

Blog – Read our Blog for the latest articles, opinions, information, tips and tricks for anyone who has an affinity for Solar Energy, and what it can do for your personal finances, economic growth, and the environment moving forward.

Solar Energy System Information

PVWatts Calculator - Estimate the electricity you can produce with a solar system at your home or business

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg System Grounding – Grounding vs Lightning Tech Note

Effective Grounding Design Tool - Zip file download for calculating the impedance of grounding devices from Solectria.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Photovoltaic System Design and Installation Guide - Consultant Report from California Energy Commission.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Connecting to the Grid - A Guide to Distributed Generation Interconnection Issues.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Photovoltaic System Grounding Guide - Overview of system grounding including codes and regulations.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Electric Load Evaluation Chart – Estimate anticipated energy demands for a new home’s electricity. Also identify and calculate daily Watt hours usage.

Solar Panel Information

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Installation Manual of Standard Solar Modules (IEC) - Canadian Solar PV Modules Installation Guide

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Total Kits Installation Manual - Residential System Kit Manual

SolarWorld Suntool - Downloadable software

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Photovoltaic Degradation Rates - NREL Analytical Review

Charge Controller Information

Midnite Solar Charge Controller String Sizing Tool – Configure and size Midnite Solar’s Classic and MNKID Charge Controller.

Morningstar String Calculator - This String Calculator will show you how many Solar Panels you may use in series and parallel with a Morningstar charge controller.

OutBack Power String Sizing Tool - Downloadable software for charge controller, battery bank and solar panel string sizing tool.

Inverter Information

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Inverters and Chargers - Quick overview

Fronius Configuration Tool - For pairing Fronius Inverters with strings to a specific solar panel.

SolarEdge Site Designer Tool - Recommends string layout, inverter and power optimizer selection per site size and enables report generation. *Sign-up required

SMA Sunny Design Web Tool - Designs a PV system with SMA Inverters.

Solectria String Sizing Tool - Accurately size strings for Solectria Inverters.

Microinverter Compatibility Calculator - Determine the electrical compatibility of a specific solar panel with the Enphase microinverter family.

Battery Information

Battery Sizing Calculator - A tool to help you determine the model and quantity of Trojan batteries needed for your renewable energy or backup power system.

Complete Battery Maintenance Guide – For Trojan Batteries

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Battery Cable Information – Trojan Battery document on battery cable sizing and connection.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Deep-Cycle Battery Storage - Best practices for Deep-Cycle battery storage from Trojan Battery.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Battery Maintenance Log – Worksheet for logging battery ongoing battery maintenance from Trojan Battery.

Racking and Mounting Information

IronRidge Racking Design Assistant – IronRidge lets you design and configure a complete roof mount, ground mount, top of pole mount, or ballasted roof mount racking system right on their website.

Unirac U-Builder – Unirac offers web based software ‘U-Builder”, which enables DIY individuals and installation teams to design and configure racking systems, for any application size and structure type. Simply select your application type and get started.

SnapNrack Configurator - SnapNrack lets you design and configure a racking system based either from their Series 100 or Series 200 racking and mounting products.

DPW Solar Power Rail Design Tool – DPW Solar’s design tool helps you design, configure and even optimize your roof layout with their proprietary tool. *New users must create free account first to use.

Quick Mount PV Designer - Quick Mount PV has a tool on their website to configure a specialized racking and mounting system using their products. *Available on Google Chrome.

Wiring Information

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg AWG Chart – The American Wire Gauge Conductor Size Table is a standardized wire gauge system for the diameters of round, solid, nonferrous, electrically conducting wire. This is the go-to chart to understand various AWG ratings, as well as their values and properties.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Branch Circuit Wiring - Multiwire Branch Circuit Wiring Instructions.

Energy/Electricity Information

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Electricity Basics - Simple FAQ with electrical terms.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg Power Chart Usage Table – General overview on appliance to watt usage chart.

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg PV Power Systems and the NEC - These suggested practices manual examines the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) as they apply to photovoltaic power systems.

Miscellaneous Information

logo-adobe-pdf-2.jpg 100 Ways to Reduce Energy Bill – Tips and tricks for cutting energy costs from EEI.


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