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Customer Gallery

Customer Gallery

Solaris Customer Gallery

Customer Gallery includes DIY solar systems from some of our featured projects. Our systems are custom designed for roof top, ground mount, top of pole mount, boat, RV and more. Click on a system to learn more about the products used, manufacturers, customer review and other project details.


16.3kW Ground Mount - Port Barre, LA


5.4kW Roof Top System - Corona, CA

5.3kW Tri-Roof Top

5.3kW Tri-Roof System - Charleston, SC 


 12.54kW Roof Top System - Annapolis, MD

8.4kW Garage Mount Solar System

8.4kW Garage Mount System - Lake Stevens, WA

7.68kW Ground Mount

7.68kW Ground Mount System - Taft, TN

9kW Ground Mount

9kW Ground Mount System - Avon Park, FL

4.55kW Roof Mount System

4.55kW Roof Mount System - Encinitas, CA

6.38kW Multi Roof Mount Solar System

6.38kW Multi-Roof System - Monterey Park, CA


18.0kW Dual Roof System - Sheridan, IN

4.95kW Dual Roof Top

4.95kW Dual Roof System - Marysville, CA

4.2kW System Solaris

4.2kW Roof Top System - Tracy, CA

5.68kW Solar Energy System

5.68kW Solar Energy System - Wilmette, IL

11.73 kW S-Tile Roof Top System

11.73kW S-Tile Roof Top System - Phoenix, AZ

1.44kw High Efficiency System

1.44kW Mobile Home System - Scotts Valley, CA

2.4kW System Addition

2.4kW System Addition - Spring Lake, MI

1.55kW Tilt Mount System

1.55kW Tilt Mount System - Scottsdale, AZ

4.56kW Top of Pole Mount System

4.56kW Top of Pole Mount System - Markle, IN

2.72kW Metal Roof System

2.72kW Metal Roof Mount System - Middletown, OH

8.82kW Metal Roof Mount System

8.82kW Metal Roof Mount System - Evergreen, CO

915w Off Grid Boat System

915W Off Grid Boat System - Anacortes, WA

10kW Adjustable Tilt Mount System

10kW Adjustable Tilt Mount System - Prescott, WI

4.96kW Roof Mount System

4.96kW Roof Mount System - Wyandotte, MI

3kW Roof Mount System

3KW Roof Mount System - Radcliff, KY

10.35kW Ground Mount System

10.35kW Ground Mount System - Prescott, MI

8.36kW Tilt Mount System

8.36kW Tilt Mount System - Poway CA

18.24kW Multi-Mount Ground System

18.24kW Multi-Mount Ground System - Hawesville, KY

10.64kW Multi-Mount Ground System

10.64kW Multi-Mount Ground System - Hawesville, KY

9.12kW Ground Mount System

9.12kW Ground Mount System - Hawesville, KY

7.68kW Gazebo Mount System

7.68kW Gazebo Mount System - Dickenson, TX


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Solaris is a leading online solar energy supply store. Since our inception, we have steadily grown to become one of the most robust solar energy dealers nationwide. We provide a large variety of products, custom designed solar electric systems, and superb technical support throughout your installation. designs, supplies, and delivers complete solar energy systems for homeowners, and installers. We use only the highest rated manufacturers in our design layouts, customized for your specific needs and requirements. We have a commitment to excellence for our valued customers, offering wholesale pricing that ensures a powerful return on your investment, for years to come.

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