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JLM Energy: Intelligent Energy Storage System

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Energy storage is a time-consuming process, from research to maintenance, battery backup systems are oftentimes difficult to size, very expensive, and require a great deal of maintenance. Furthermore, in order to utilize the system to the best its ability, amps, voltages, water levels, wire sizes and so on must be carefully monitored and installed. JLM Energy’s product lines the Phazr, Energizr, Loadz, Linez and Measurz work together in an easy to use manner to monitor energy usage, store energy and plan future energy consumption. The in-depth technologies, algorithms and devices work together to analyze energy use patterns and corresponding economics on their software platform to design, build, install and manage systems to provide system control.

JLM Energy Storage

The technologies begin with their energy storage lines, the Phazr, Energizr 100 and Energizer 200 allow homeowners to choose which energy storage solution will work best for them, their energy goals and their solar system.

The Phazr installation process works like a microinverter and is installed on the back of all the solar panels individually on the racking system. This revolutionary product is trademarked as MicroStorage, and is the only technology available that allows a solar panel to charge a battery and send power to a home or building at the same time. Any excess energy can be stored and used 24 hours a day. Through elimination unnecessary hardware, system efficiency is boosted by up to 50%, allowing more usable energy from the solar system. The efficiency in using the compact battery packs begins with the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) materials which maintains safe temperature and avoids overheating. Since the batteries contain no hazardous materials, which make them easier to safely dispose when it comes time to switch out the batteries. The Phazr batteries also boast a 20-year warranty, more than double that of leading competitors in energy storage with a battery backup system.

The Energizr 200, is a grid-synergistic solution that works in harmony with solar systems and the utility grid. The smart system analyzes your energy habits and manages home energy loads to achieve higher efficiency. The system is available in 7.8kWh to 20.8 kilowatt hour configurations which equates to 3.8, 5.2, 6.2 and 7.6 kilowatt inverter and solar capacity. The system is integrated to supported small thermostats, real-time whole-house power measurement and real time control of loads, and includes the inverter (Fronius Primo), LiFePO batteries with BMS and Linez Monitoring.

The Energizr 100 provides backup energy during power outages by keeping solar systems operational. It includes an off-grid battery inverter, and LiFePO4 batteries with BMS. It can operate either independently or seamlessly with solar systems and/or backup generators. It has the ability to protect sensitive electrical equipment caused by power outages and surges. The Energizr 100 provides true grid-independence and resiliencey for your homes essential loads. When the power goes out, the system seamlessly provides emergency backup power and keeps solar systems fully operational.

Energy Monitoring and Interface

To provide accurate monitoring and assist in power maintenance and monitoring, JLM Energy offers the Loadz, and Linez products, which pair with their Measurz software.

Loadz records energy consumption for individual appliances and is then sent to the Linez communications hub that serves as gateway to connect Wi-Fi enabled smart devices to the Measurz software. Homeowners can monitor and plan for future energy consumption through the Measurz software, by simply logging into the software either on the desktop at JLM Energy’s site or through the Measurz app. The software actively monitors how much energy you are using in real-time and then automatically draws from your solar system, the batteries or the grid to achieve the lowest bill possible.

JLM Energy has introduced a highly beneficial system into the solar marketplace, and provides energy storage and monitoring technology that is leaps and bounds more advanced than current applications. The investment into their technology is well placed, as the batteries expected lifetime itself will already result in a high ROI for home and business owners. The technology backing the company certainly places them as a leader an innovator in renewable energy storage in easy to use devices that we are excited to watch for years to come. As it currently stands, the technology can assist homeowners in becoming truly 100% energy independent.

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