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Building a Quality and Affordable Solar Power System

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Canadian Solar PV Array

Often we get asked when planning and designing a new photovoltaic array, 

“Which Solar Panels and Inverters do we recommend to use?”

The short answer is, it really depends on your energy needs and total project budget. We first like to look at the highest efficient, most quality manufactured, and longest lasting PV modules and Solar Inverter brands for our customer's projects. Although many times our customers need all of these qualities in their solar energy system, with a tighter budget than necessary to procure the parts they desire – like SolarWorld PV Modules and SMA Power Inverters.

So we turn to the other tier one manufactures, like Canadian Solar and SolarEdge who are known for all of these things, with only subtle differences in their design; like the use of poly-crystalline solar cells inside the pv module, rather than mono-crystalline cells – or single-phase inverter technology rather than three-phase inverter technology, (which are great for larger commercial systems, but not needed for standard size residential solar installations 1kw - 20kw).

Canadian Solar CS6X PV Modules

Canadian Solar

The Canadian Solar CS6X-P series solar panels offers high grade specifications comparable to SolarWorld's PV modules, except at a more budget friendly price. The CS6X modules are guaranteed with the same 10 year product and 25 year performance warranties as SolarWorld's PV modules, and these 72-cell modules are designed with high power intake and output's; with 305/310/315 watt solar panels. Canadian Solar's CS6X-P modules have high system energy yield at low irradiance & NOCT. They are suitable for harsh environments, with heavy snow loads up to 5400 pa, and wind loads up to 2400 pa. This series also carries a host of certifications, the best that the solar energy industry has to offer.

SolarEdge Single-Phase PV Inverters


Just like the power and quality you can get from an SMA Solar Inverter, the SolarEdge PV Single-Phase Inverters boast impressive gains and simple wiring for residential installations – helping to eliminate hard costs before the project demands soft costs be spent on installation. SolarEdge inverters come with a powerful 12 standard warranty, (extendable up to 25 years to match your solar panel warranty). They carry integrated arc fault protection (AFCI), and Superior efficiency (>97%). The SolarEdge Solar inverters are specifically designed to work with power optimizers to further boost system performance, all while integrating a simple and effective monitoring platform for your photovoltaic array.

Depending on the project size, we can supply these tier one manufacturers for anywhere from 5% - 20%+ less than SolarWorld & SMA solar power systems, therefore still delivering the quality and power our customers need, at a price that wont break the bank.

When you are deciding on what parts you will be using and supplying for your residential project, these are among a few of our suggestions in providing you with what you need to deliver satisfaction on your energy bills, and having a great system that withstands continued use for years to come. If you are looking for a supplier for your next project, give us a call, and we'd be happy to work with your needs and budget.

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