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5 Solar Deals for Summer

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Summer is here, and the warm weather is perfect for installing your solar energy system. After making the decision to go solar you may feel overwhelmed with the number of options on the market. It is important to keep your budget in mind when exploring the market, and you will not have to worry about sacrificing quality for a lower cost with our best deals this summer.

1) Canadian Solar CS3U-370MS Solar Panels

Canadian Solar CS3U-370MS

Starting at .79 cents per watt, the new KuMax with an 18.65% efficiency rating, the CS3U-370MS is a great addition to any solar system. The half cells (114 1/2) are compatible with all the components 72 cell modules are compatible with, making them very versatile. The half cell designs assist in avoiding overheating, and increasing overall efficiency. Homeowners with limited roof space can benefit from using fewer modules and gaining more power.

2) Solaria PowerXT-330R-PX Solar Panels

Solaria Module

Solaria’s PowerXT series has one of the highest efficiency ratings in the with an over 19% efficiency rating. Starting at under a dollar a watt, the high efficiency modules are a good choice for those with a small area to install modules, and commercial installations. The high wattage and efficiency rating ensures that you can purchase fewer panels and still achieve your solar energy needs and beyond.

3) IronRidge Racking


Whether you are installing a roof-top or ground mount array, IronRidge provides low cost, and high-quality flashings, rails and accessories. Their built-in grounding further decreases the number of materials you will need to make your application safe and secure. They offer both mill and black racking, ensuring that any aesthetic needs are met.

4) Enphase Energy IQ6, IQ6+ and IQ7+ Microinverters

Enphase Energy

Although microinverters typically come at a higher price tag than their string inverter counterparts, the longer warranty periods provide installers with a higher ROI period. Furthermore, the microinverters meet the needs of the higher watt modules taking the market by storm. The IQ6+ and IQ7+ are well ahead of their competitors in terms of meeting the most stringent net metering requirements. California’s new net metering standards are both met and exceeded by what the microinverters have to offer.

5) SolarEdge HD Wave Inverters

HD Wave Inverter

The HD Wave series boasts one of the highest inverter efficiency ratings in the industry (between 99.2% to 99.9%). The inverters are light and are able to be installed both indoors and outdoors, making installation very versatile. Paired with optimizers, the built-in monitoring system makes troubleshooting and evaluating your system a breeze. Both home and business owners can appreciate and benefit from HD waves unique offerings. 

There are a number of other solar panels, inverters and solar components that come with a lower price tag and are of the highest quality. Those who are looking for energy systems at a set price point are sure to achieve both their financial and energy needs. If you are considering going solar and would like a quote you can contact us directly.

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