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REC Group Solar Panel's Cutting Edge Technology

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REC Group TwinPeak 2S 72 Solar Panels

REC Group as joined likeminded manufacturers such as Canadian Solar in introducing ground-breaking new technologies that enhance the efficiency of solar modules during both peak sun hours and in low light conditions. The TwinPeak 2S 72 cell series won the Inter Solar Award in 2015 due their new ‘twin’ design. The European based company’s panels are fairly new to the American solar market, and they should be considered a welcome addition to any residential or commercial solar installation.

What makes the technology so special? REC’s use of PERC, or Passive Emitter Rear Cell technology is one of the key features that improves the capture of light and optimize individual cell performance. Specifically developed for use on a polycrystalline platform, the overall energy production and average efficiency can reach above 18 percent, on par with leading monocrystalline efficiencies seen by much higher cost panels such as those produced by Panasonic Eco Solutions.

The key of this technology is the passivation of the rear side of the cell. In a conventional solar cell, there is an aluminum metallization layer which makes contact across the full area of the back of the cell. REC’s PERC technology first coats the backside of the cell with a special dielectric layer that has tiny holes made by a laser. The technology increases the overall panel performance by increasing the cell’s ability to capture light. The extra energy yield of cells with PERC technology is added to by the improved ability to capture light at longer wavelengths.

One of the more innovative design features that enhances the TwinPeak Series is its use of smaller calls. The smaller size reduces internal resistance, which increases output and allows the company to take a new approach to the layout. They do this by removing one cross connector, a choice which enables greater inter-cell spacing and an increase in captured light. The removal of the cross connector is added by a three-part junction box, placed in the middle of the rear of the module. The purpose of this is to split the cells into strings of two. This design also ensures that any drop-in irradiation through shading will not cause the solar panel to completely stop producing power. To find out more about both of these design features from REC Group, check out their video below.

The enhanced performance of the panels are a welcome benefit to any solar installation. Not only will installers require fewer panels with the higher efficiency rating, they will further benefit monetarily from not having to source more racking components to complete their system. In addition, the enhanced performance of the modules in grid-tied installations will offset more energy costs from utility companies during shading conditions or hours where the sun is not in an optimal position to power the solar cells. It is further worth noting that the solar panels come at a much lower cost than many competing modules and seem to offer a great deal of benefits and ensure that consumers do not need to compensate on quality to get a high efficiency solar panel.

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