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  • Power Optimizers: Everything You Need to Know (News Item)

    Power optimizers connect to SolarEdge inverters to increase efficiency at the point of power generated from the solar modules. The optimizers increase the conversion rate and efficiency fo ...

  • The Zomeworks Passive Solar Tracking Mounting System (News Item)

    Taking a closer look at Solar Energy Systems and Mounting Solutions, it is important to note the importance of the Zomeworks Solar Track Racks. As an alternative to ground mount systems, the Zo ...

  • Complete Maintenance Guide for Trojan Batteries (News Item)

    Trojan Battery Company is one of the leading solar battery manufacturers, their batteries have one of the longest lifetime expectancy and energy output in the industry. In order to keep any battery ...

  • SMA TS4-R Smart Modules: Complete Overview (News Item)

    Solar inverter technology has expanded rapidly over the last five years, with huge advances made in expected lifetime, output and overall efficiency. When considering solar, it is important ...

  • SMA Limited Time Microinverter Sale (News Item)

    SMA is well known in the solar industry for their Sunny Boy string inverter series, which is both reliable and highly efficient. One of their lesser known products is the Sunny Boy microinverter, wh ...

  • SMA Tripower CORE1 Inverter: Complete Review (News Item)

    SMA America is a leading global specialist for solar inverter system technology, providing solutions for commercial and residential systems alike. Residential owners may be familiar with SMA’s ...

  • Cutting Edge SolarEdge HD Wave Technology (News Item)

    SolarEdge has made a name for themselves in residential solar inverter technology. Their inverters are not only highly-efficient, but affordable and easy to install, making them a favorite in ...

  • How to Properly Size a Disconnect Box (News Item)

    In terms of safety, properly sizing and utilizing a disconnect box is among is extremely important to ensure the lifetime of your system. Disconnect boxes are available for both AC and DC con ...

  • Enphase VS APsystems Microinverters (News Item)

    Microinverters offer a wide variety of benefits to home and commercial solar arrays. They typically last longer than traditional string inverters, ensure that each panel is working to their maximum ...

  • Enphase Envoy System Monitoring (News Item)

    *Enphase Enlighten Dashboard and Mobile App There are many perks to having microinverters for your solar array. Higher system life, individual power to each of your solar panels, and easy s ...

  • What are the Pros and Cons of Micro-Inverters? (News Item)

    Solar installations require a lot of time, planning and decision making. One of the factors that needs to be considered when putting together any system is: "What type of inverter do I need or wan ...

  • SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Technology (News Item)

    SMA has made a name for themselves in residential solar installations with their popular Sunny Boy-US line. With a wide range of sizes from 3.0-US to 7.7-US, the new line has heightened performance ...

  • Services (Web Page)

    We offer a full suite of services for your residential and commercial solar energy systems. From line diagrams, permit plans, design layouts and 3d design layouts - we've got you covered for your n ...

  • Customer Gallery (Web Page)

    Customer Gallery includes DIY solar systems from some of our featured projects. Our systems are custom designed for roof top, ground mount, top of pole mount, boat, RV and more. Click on a sys ...

  • Learn Off-Grid Systems (Web Page)

    What Are Off-Grid Systems?   An Off-Grid System is an electrical producing power module which unlike 'Grid-Tie'; is not connected to a power utility. Off-grid systems are general ...

  • About (Web Page)

    America’s Solar Energy Future. Delivered. Solaris is a leading online solar energy equipment and system supplier. We distribute high-quality solar energy products to installers, ...

  • Design Your System (Web Page)

    Design Your Solar Energy System   Since you now know the PV array size needed to power your energy demands, you can start designing your solar energy system. It is important to p ...

  • The Photovoltaic Effect (Web Page)

    The Photovoltaic Effect   The Photovoltaic effect is the creation of voltage or an electric current in a material upon exposure to light and is a known and understood to be a phy ...

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  • Learn Grid-Tie Systems (Web Page)

    What Are Grid-Tie Systems?   A Grid-Tie Solar System, is an electrical producing power module which is connected to a 'power grid', i.e., (your local utilities company). Grid-tie ...

  • Determining Your System Type (Web Page)

    What Type of System Do You Need?   Now that you understand your energy usage, ways to reduce it, area and solar yield available, best installation locations on your property, whe ...

  • Sizing Your System (Web Page)

    How to Size Your Solar Energy System   Now that you have gathered all the necessary information, we can begin to size your solar energy system. Our calculation formula will sho ...

  • Shipping Policy (Web Page)

    Shipping Policies Solaris Technology Industry Inc., attempts to provide the absolute best shipping prices possible for you. For Oversize Freight Orders: After you complete your purchase ...

  • FAQ (Web Page)

    Frequently Asked Questions How long does my order take to arrive? What is LTL freight? Do solar panels have to ship on LTL freight? Do rails have to ship on LTL freight? Do you s ...

  • Terms and Conditions (Web Page)

    Terms and Conditions of - Property of Solaris Technology Industry, Inc. The following terms and conditions apply solely to Solaris Technology Industry, Inc., and our int ...

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