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Benefits of Hanwha Q.Plus-G4 Solar Panels

One of the many benefits of working with solar energy is that the technology is continuing to improve year after year. With advances in cell technology being released on an annual basis, it is no surprise that solar panel efficiency, life expectancy and energy output has risen dramatically over the last five years. Additionally, increases in the technology used [...]

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Cutting Edge SolarEdge HD Wave Technology

SolarEdge has made a name for themselves in residential solar inverter technology. Their inverters are not only highly-efficient, but affordable and easy to install, making them a favorite in the solar industry. Their new series, the HD wave is backed by groundbreaking technology that rightfully earned it the 2016 Intersolar Award. The award was granted due in large part to [...]

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The Benefits of Midnite Solar Charge Controllers

Midnite Solar has numerous products designed for use in on and off grid solar arrays. From accessories to pre-wired back up kits, they provide solutions fit for a wide range of applications. Their most popular series to date is their Classic charge controller series, which ranges between 150 MPPT, 200 MPPT and 250 MPPT. Their offshoot series also includes [...]

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Enphase VS APsystems Microinverters

Microinverters offer a wide variety of benefits to home and commercial solar arrays. They typically last longer than traditional string inverters, ensure that each panel is working to their maximum efficiency, and will continue working individually even if one of the panels in the system is down or having less output due to environmental or electrical issues. A handful of [...]

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Washington State Solar Energy Incentives

Washington is well known for being forward thinking in terms of renewable energy. They were the second state, following Colorado to pass their Renewable Energy Standard through a ballot initiative. Their initiative calls for the state utilities to source 15% of their electricity from renewable energy sources by the year 2020. While the number is not as ambitious as [...]

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Complete Maintenance Guide for Trojan Batteries

Trojan Battery Company is one of the leading solar battery manufacturers, their batteries have one of the longest lifetime expectancy and energy output in the industry. In order to keep any battery working at their peak industry output it is important to ensure that the batteries are properly maintained. Most battery first time battery back-up systems go out before their [...]

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SMA Sunny Boy Inverter Technology

SMA has made a name for themselves in residential solar installations with their popular Sunny Boy-US line. With a wide range of sizes from 3.0-US to 7.7-US, the new line has heightened performance, feature enhancement using an economical approach. It is through this approach that home and business owners can enjoy high quality products with a relatively low investment.The simple [...]

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Canadian Solar Panel Deals for 2017

This year in solar energy, Canadian Solar has continued to manufacture and release a series of PV modules at higher wattages, better efficiencies, and lower costs than any other year before. These are the same brand of polycrystalline and monocrystalline modules used in various size solar applications around the globe, including many systems here in the United States. The trending [...]

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How To Pick The Best Solar Panel Manufacturer

Selecting the right solar panel for your systems needs is essential in having a successful solar installation. With the number of solar panel manufacturers currently in the market, and coming into the market, it can be difficult to determine which company will offer you the most stability, power and quality.Manufacturer HistoryAlthough many new manufacturers offer cutting edge technologies, it is [...]

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Utility Scale Solar Installations in the United States

The oftentimes cold state of Michigan is not the first state that one thinks of when they hear the word solar. However, that stigma did not stop Michigan from opening the North Star Solar Farm in December of 2016. The solar plant has the capacity to generate up to 100 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 20,000 homes with [...]

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