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Canadian Solar Cell Technology Improvement

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Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is among the leaders in solar panel manufacturing, the title is well deserved as the company continues to grow and expand the definition of improved cell technology. Over the last year, the company has introduced their first series of monocrystalline solar panels, the CS6K-MS and the CS6K-M series. Both of which are designed to work in areas with low irradiance. Since their release, many other companies have followed suit, ensuring that their solar panels are made to perform with the upmost efficiency whether you are installing your system in California or Alaska.

The new technology from Canadian Solar has become so popular that the market is waiting for their return in October of this year as they continue to increase their efforts to meet the market demand for their panels. In the meantime, however, the company has released their new high-watt series, the MaxPower2, or the CS6U-P series, that has solar panels with output wattages between 315 watts to 330 watts. Though the highest module does not meet the highest wattage output set by the CS6K-M series at 345 watts, the company continues to prove that they will continue to work towards more efficient panels with higher output wattage to save consumers time and money in both materials and installation costs.

Canadian Solar CS6U-330P

*Canadian Solar CS6U-330P

Higher watt modules have become the most sought-after technology in solar as their cost per watt is oftentimes less expensive than modules with a lower watt rating. This is largely due in part to the improved technology behind the cells and the lower cost in manufacturing the panels. Solar has proved to be one of the few fields that performs more efficiently as the technology improves. This is due to the correlation between improved manufacturing techniques and technologies going hand in hand. Companies that struggled to improve their cell technology and decrease the cost of their solar panels, such as Suniva, have had to file for bankruptcy and cease operations. The market demand for solar panels clearly has set a standard of lower costs with higher benefits and companies that do not meet that demand struggle and sometimes sink. Canadian Solar not only meets these standards, they set the bar high for their competitors while continuously delivering an efficient and reliable product to consumers.

High watt and efficiency modules are beneficial to both home and business owners as their initial investment costs are lower, and ROI periods are lower. In terms of a solar panel that meets budgetary and efficiency expectations, Canadian Solar is certainly a go to and well worth taking a look. Furthermore, the company shows no signs of stopping as more panels are planned and produced, and their investment in their company grows. Canadian Solar modules are compatible with all major racking companies such as IronRidge, SnapNrack, DPW Solar and so on. They also undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they can be installed in areas with dramatic climates such as aras with heavy wind, rain, hail and snow on any application from rooftop to ground mount. To get your quote for your Canadian Solar system you can contact us, or take a look at our pre-built solar kits.

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