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JA Solar Panels: The Complete Review

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JA Solar - The Complete Review

JA Solar is a leading manufacturer and innovator of high-efficiency solar panels and renewable energy technology. Established in 2005, they built up their brand through their high performance monocrystalline and polycrystalline 60 and 72 cell solar panels. JA Solar is a trusted brand for both consumers and professionals alike, their modules have been used in a number of residential installations as well as commercial and utility solar energy systems. Owners of JA Solar systems enjoy a product warranty above industry standards, as well as the efficiency of premium solar panels at a mid-range price point.

Technologically, JA's solar panels use many of the same technologies seen with other solar panel manufacturers. Where they really stand out is with their efficiency rating, which is on average 1-1.5% more than the majority of their mid-range competitors. JA Solar is committed to improving their technology and expanding their company in order to provide solar energy across the globe, and they are committed to serving their customers.

In this JA Solar panels complete review, we will be exploring the following:

  • Specifications and Pricing
  • Average Cost per Watt Comparison
  • Module and Cell Technology
  • Warranty Period
  • JA Solar Panel Kit Price and ROI
  • And Solaris Recommendations
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Specifications and Pricing

JA Solar produces budget based mid-range solar modules, meaning their panels come in at a price point over value modules and under premium modules. Similar modules include Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q Cells and more. In terms of efficiency, JA Solar panels outperform the majority of their mid-range competitors. Their module offerings include: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, high-watt and half cut cell designs. High watt modules typically have a higher efficiency rating than lower watt modules, in addition, half-cut cell technologies decrease the chances of hot spot development - this improves the daily performance of the solar panel and efficiency rate of the system.

JA Solar also offers 60 and 72 cell solar panels, such as the Cypress line, all panels in this series are over 19% efficiency, which is well above industry standard. In terms of price point, JA Solar's modules have among the highest efficiency ratings of any solar panel manufacturer.

JA Solar
Watts: 385 390 395
Series: Cypress
Cypress Cypress
Pricing: See Price Here See Price Here See Price Here
Efficiency: 19.3% 19.5% 19.8%
Dimensions: 78.27 x 39.57 x 1.57 Inches 78.27 x 39.57 x 1.57 Inches
78.27 x 39.57 x 1.57 Inches
Weight: 49.82 lbs 49.82 lbs 49.82 lbs
Cells: 72x Mono Cells 72x Mono Cells
72x Mono Cells
Isc: 10.17 Amps 10.22 Amps
10.27 Amps
Voc: 49.04 Volts 49.35 Volts
49.64 Volts
Imp: 9.65 Amps 9.7 Amps
9.76 Amps
Vmp: 39.9 Volts 40.21 Volts
40.48 Volts
Docs: Specs

Average Cost per Watt Comparison

On average, JA Solar modules start at $0.62/watt, this price point is matched by Trina Solar, and slightly less than Canadian Solar, two other mid-range solar panel manufacturers. When compared to high range manufacturers such as Panasonic, the panels have a $0.33/watt lower starting price point.

JA Solar panels have an average efficiency rating of 19.53%, almost 1% higher than other mid-range solar panels. When compared to Panasonic, JA panels have a similar efficiency rating at a lower starting price point.

Manufacturer Average Cost Average Efficiency Warranty
JA Solar
$0.62/watt 19.53% 12-yr Product | 25-yr Performance
Trina Solar $0.62/watt 18.83% 10-yr Product | 25-yr Performance
Canadian Solar $0.68/watt 18.73% 10-yr Product | 25-yr Performance
Panasonic $0.95/watt 19.99% 25-yr Product | 25-yr Performance

Module and Cell Technology

JA Solar PanelsJA Solar utilizes two primary solar cell technologies in their solar panels, PERC (P-Type) and N-Type. The cells are similar in design, however, the newer technology delivered by N-Type solar cells is more efficient, and are also not affected by Light Induced Degradation (LID). Simplified, this means that your solar panels will operate more efficiently, and have a higher efficiency rating due to factoring out LID over time.

JA Solar produces both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, like the majority of solar panel manufacturers, JA has transferred most of their production into monocrystalline technology. Mono solar panels are made from a single ingot, and have been tested to be more efficient than multi-ingot polycrystalline panels. In combination with their N-Type technology, JA Solar's monocrystalline panels are at the higher end of efficiency for mid-range panels.

Warranty Period

JA Solar modules come with an above industry standard warranty of 12 year product and 25 year linear performance. The product warranty is 2 years longer than most other mid-range panels (10 years), but less than LG and Panasonic, which come with 25 year product and performance warranties.

JA Solar guarantees a minimum of 81.4% output at the 25 year benchmark. This figure is lower than Longi (83.8%) and Panasonic at 90.76%. It is slightly below the industry average of 82%, but above Trina Solar's 80.7% guaranteed output. These figures can vary slightly depending on which JA solar panel you are using in your system, to confirm your expected output, view their warranty statement below.

See Here: JA Solar Warranty

JA Solar Panel Kit and Potential ROI

In order to gain a better understanding of JA Solar's potential ROI period, we went ahead and put together a 7.9kW grid-tied, roof mounted solar system.

This system includes: JA Solar 395w solar panels, Enphase Energy IQ7A microinverters along with monitoring and accessories, and complete IronRidge racking. The racking materials were designed in a 2x10 configuration.

JA Solar System Configuration

The below system do not include: State and Federal Tax Rebates, and balance of systems items (such as PV wire, disconnect boxes, circuit breakers, etc.). Be sure to calculate all tax rebates and average between $200 - $500 for the additional balance of systems items for roof mounted systems. Engineering stamps for structural, electrical or both may be required by some counties, check with your city planning office to see if they have any such requirements.

JA Solar 7.9kW Grid-Tied, Roof Mount System

JA Solar
JA Solar JAM72S09-395/PR
Solar Panels JAM75S09-395/PR
Microinverters Enphase IQ7A-72-2-US
Accessories Trunk Cable
Termination Caps
Disconnect Tool
Monitoring IQ+ Combiner with Envoy
Roof Mount Racking IronRidge XR100 Comp. Roof Mount Kit
Other Permit Plan Set
Sub Total $10,608.79
Est. Shipping $370.00
Avg. Total $10,978.79

*Pricing calculated based on pricing as of the posting of this article. Learn more about how to size your system here, to request a system quote fill out our intake form here.

*Prices reflective of current pricing as of the posting of this article. Click on the item image to check current pricing. Does not include potential taxes and fees which may apply. Prospective system owners will also need a permit plan.

Cost per Watt

  • $10,978.79 / 8,900 Watts = $1.23/watt

Energy Production

This solar power system will produce around 900kWh per month of standard energy usage. By taking the average cost per kilowatt hour for the United States ($0.13), we can determine that both systems provide about $117 in monthly savings every year.

  • 900kWh x $0.13 = $117 monthly savings

ROI Period

Based on the bill of materials above (excluding other rebates/expenses), the ROI period of the above systems are as follows:

  • $10,978.79 / $117 = ~93.84 months or 7.82 year ROI period

In terms of cost per watt and ROI period, JA Solar's system is less per watt, with a shorter ROI period when compared to mid-range competitors Hanwha Q Cells and Trina Solar.

  • Hanwha Q Cells - $1.43/watt - 7.87 year ROI period
  • Trina Solar - $1.46/watt - 7.95 year ROI period

Solaris Recommendations

JA Solar Headquarters

JA Solar offers high efficiency solar panels at a mid-range price point, in comparison to their mid-range competitors, JA solar panels are more affordable, have a higher average efficiency rate, and offer a longer product warranty. The efficiency rating greater than 19% is similar to the ratings found with premium solar modules, which come in at a higher price point ($0.30/watt on average). The solar panels expected output at the 25 year benchmark is lower than some of their competitors, but on par with industry stadards.

Solar energy systems utilizing JA Solar modules can expect an ROI period under ten years, depending on the size of the system. When considering the 25 year warranty period of the panels, this makes JA Solar an attractive option for both residential and commercial solar projects. The high-watt modules offered by the manufacturer ensure that you will need fewer panels to complete your solar energy system, this leads to savings both in terms of the modules themselves and the total bill of materials needed to meet your energy requirements.

We recommend checking out JA Solar modules for your next solar energy project. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for a solar energy system using JA Solar panels, request a quote from Solaris, or check out our resources to see how you can get started with designing your solar system.

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