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Solar Panels and Home Value

Solar does more than simply reduce or eliminate your energy bills. It also increases the value of your home or business to install a PV array. According to research done by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, they determined that every $1 in solar power generation (or utility bill savings) adds approximately $20 in your homes total value. However, this formula [...]

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DIY Solar Installation Safety Guidelines

The increasing number of DIY installers has undoubtedly had a large affect on the increase of home solar systems. With some assistance during the designing and electrical wiring phases, these installers have boasted many successful installations. Homeowners think of everything, panel quality, what is best for their application, lowest cost, logistics and so on. However, a vital [...]

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How to Clean Your Solar Panels

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding module maintenance, is how to clean the panels. Dirty modules not only affect the overall aesthetic of your array, they can be less efficient as dust and debris block rays from reaching solar cells. There are companies that provide cleaning services for both residential and commercial solar arrays. If you worked with [...]

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Five Steps for DIY Solar Power System

There are a myriad of tools online to assist you in determining what kind of solar power system you will need for your specific energy needs. However, complicated formulas, industry speak and new sizing terms such as kilowatts hours verses kilowatts can make the process difficult. We have complied a list of important things to remember when beginning your [...]

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Planning for Solar in 2018

Solar is now continuing to see faster growth in the US for both residential and commercial installations. Much with the rest of the technological world, rapid changes can be difficult to keep up with. But, by keeping your eye out for projected trends, it can be easier to plan and install your system.What can you expect for solar [...]

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New Solar Tariff Imposed on Imported Modules

The Tariff and RatesOn January 22nd 2018, President Trump issued an order for a 30% tariff on imported solar cell and modules (mainly from Asia into the United States).The solar tariff will begin at 30% during year 1, and decline at a rate of 5% every year for a total of 4 years as listed on the order. During [...]

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Best Solar Panels for Commercial Solar Arrays

Commercial and residential projects are similar in terms of the materials you will need to complete your system. However, commercial projects typically require larger sized systems which means you need more racking, inverters, wiring and so on. Picking the right panel for any commercial system is key in keeping cost and materials as low as possible. With this in [...]

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Solaria American Made Solar Panels

With the current turbulence in the solar market causing price increases in companies outside the United States, the interest in American made solar panels is higher than ever. While the courts hear out both side of the arguments for and against requiring an import tax on imported solar panels the cost of these panels will remain high. Hopefully the [...]

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Solar Energy Trends and Predictions

Summer is nearing an end and fall is just around the corner, we move towards the end of 2017. Solar in general has seen a great shift with new high-efficiency, high-watt modules taking the industry by storm, new inverter technologies, and efficient battery storage options. There are some clues as to where solar is headed into 2018 and we [...]

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Global Solar Energy Rising

Regardless of political and economic shifts around the globe, renewable energy has continued to grow in both residential and commercial markets. With countries setting high goals for energy changes the solar market is rapidly expanding to meet new market demand for both products and jobs. Currently, solar has outpaced coal in terms of job growth and it shows no signs [...]

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