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Canadian Solar Cell Technology Improvement

Canadian Solar is among the leaders in solar panel manufacturing, the title is well deserved as the company continues to grow and expand the definition of improved cell technology. Over the last year, the company has introduced their first series of monocrystalline solar panels, the CS6K-MS and the CS6K-M series. Both of which are designed to work in [...]

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Net Metering May Return to Nevada

The state of Nevada is home to more than just entertainment and casinos, with five to five and a half hours of peak sunlight it is also a prime location for solar energy. However, due to the 2015 legislation that crippled net metering, many manufacturers and installers such as Vivint Solar and Sunrun pulled out of the state. While [...]

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California Bill Aims for 100% Renewable Energy

The last few years have seen great strides taken towards renewable energy dependence, particularly in the environmentally minded state of California. Under Senate Bill 100 (SB 100), the state has set high renewable energy goals for its utilities under the California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program, with the goal of both obtaining higher levels of energy based in renewable energy sources [...]

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Preparing Your Roof for Solar

For roof-mount solar arrays, the condition of your roof can be the breaking point for obtaining solar permits. If you have damaged shingles, leakage, sagging or moss and algae growing you may have to deal with unforeseen expenses. Proper maintenance of your roof generally requires an annual or bi-annual inspection, and after events of extreme weather. General maintenance recommendations are [...]

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DIY Solar Installations Made Easy

Many solar installation industries have reported a loss in solar installations, including the current leader SolarCity. This has caused only minor concern in the solar industry due to the fact that while solar installations have decreased from a company standpoint, residential installations have continued to increase year after year. This provides a strong signal that many people are moving towards [...]

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What Chinese Tariffs Could Mean for Solar

The controversial petition filed by Suniva after is bankruptcy has been at the center of many discussions, blogs and news articles, for good reason. The Georgia based, Chinese owned manufacturer filed a Section 201 petition under the 1974 Trade Act, asking for a $0.40 per watt tariff on imported solar cells and a price floor of $0.78 per watt [...]

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REC Group Solar Panel's Cutting Edge Technology

REC Group as joined likeminded manufacturers such as Canadian Solar in introducing ground-breaking new technologies that enhance the efficiency of solar modules during both peak sun hours and in low light conditions. The TwinPeak 2S 72 cell series won the Inter Solar Award in 2015 due their new ‘twin’ design. The European based company’s panels are fairly new to the [...]

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SolarWorld America Still Going Strong

SolarWorld, one of the solar industries most recognizable brands, created waves when SolarWorld AG and its German subsidiaries announced their insolvency on May 10 th. The company largely attributes their dramatic decrease in profits to the continued “Ongoing Price Erosion” caused in their view by Chinese solar panel manufacturers. In the past, the company has been very vocal regarding regulatory policies [...]

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Installing Solar in Low Sunlight Environments

There is a common misconception that solar is only useful in sunny areas such as California. However, with advances in solar technology those in less sunny areas such as the Northern United States can benefit from arrays with as much efficiency as an installation in California. Solar cell technology has taken large leaps forward and many manufacturers are designing their [...]

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Understanding Your Roof and Installing Solar

There are a number of different roof types, and with each roof type, there is a different racking application that will help maximize your energy potential. Identifying your roof type begins by first working with the materials used on your roof. Composition shingle roofs will require different attachment points than tile or metal roofs. Composition roofs will typically use flashings, [...]

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