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Best Deals for Solar During Summer 2017

The summer season means warm weather and plenty of sunny days across the United States. It is also the best time of year to install a solar array on your residential or commercial property. With the huge leaps in technology and subsequent decrease in overall production costs, there are many deals to take advantage of this summer season.Solar PanelsIn [...]

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GNB Industrial Power Absolyte GP Battery Technology

GNB Industrial Power is a world leader in valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery power for solar and renewable energy applications. With proven field experience since 1983 the Absolyte GP batteries are ideal for applications such as village electrification, telecommunications, residential power, railroad signals and navigational aids. In addition, the batteries offer extended partial state of charge operation, deep discharge [...]

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SolarWorld High Watt Sunmodule Solar Panels

SolarWorld has lead the way in American made solar panels for the last decade or so, but in recent years’ production and recall issues have made them difficult to come by. Long lead times have lead many installers to switch to another manufacturer to complete their solar projects on time. Luckily, SolarWorld has corrected this issues in time for [...]

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Trina Solar PD Series Solar Panels

Trina Solar offers innovative, reliable products that are highly efficient and backed by a strong customer centered company. Trina Solar is well known for being one of the leading companies in the solar industry for customer service. From initial installation to the end of your warranty period, they are easy to contact and have friendly and reliable support. While [...]

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Ginlong Solis Inverters and Monitoring Review

Ginlong Solis manufactures highly efficient solar inverters with compatible inverter monitoring units. Although they are not well known in the solar industry, their quality and low cost makes them a great investment for those who are looking to go solar on a budget. The manufacturer further demonstrates that people do not need to switch quality for a lower cost. [...]

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Fragile Peace Between Utilities and Renewable Energy

Utility companies to date have attempted to meet solar energy users halfway, offering incentives such as net metering to keep their customers tied to the grid. However, as residential solar applications have become more popular utilities are beginning to feel the decrease in their bottom line. Nevada provides a good case study to how solar energy companies respond to demands [...]

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Crystalline vs Thin Film Solar Panels

Crystalline (Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline) solar modules dominate the solar industry, with thin film modules accounting for 5% of global solar installations across the globe. While thin film technology has an advantage over crystalline PV modules in terms of pricing, crystalline silicon modules are rapidly closing the price gap as prices continue to decline. Thin film modules are primarily composed of [...]

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How to Pick the Best Inverter Manufacturer

Inverter sizing can be fairly straight forward with all the sizing tools and intuitive nature what the correct sized inverter should be. However, the picking the best manufacturer can sometimes be difficult. However, following a few key insights can be helpful and make narrowing down your right inverter much easier.Inverter manufacturers typically lean towards on or off grid applications. So, [...]

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OutBack Energy FLEXmax Charge Controllers Technology

OutBack Energy offers a number of components for both on and off grid solar arrays. One of their leading sears is the FLEXmax charge controllers which features continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology. The FLEXmax can increase your solar energy output by up to 30% when compared to competing MPPT controllers. The charge controllers rare fully network integrated and [...]

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Panasonic HIT Series Solar Panel Technology

Panasonic solar panels currently have the highest efficiency ratings in the industry at 19.7% efficiency. What gives Panasonic the edge over their competitors, like most manufacturers their edge comes from unique and innovative technology. The HIT series features an innovative hetero-junction cell structure of monocrystalline and amorphous silicon layers. The ultra-thin silicon layers prevent recombination of electrons, which keeps energy [...]

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