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Renewable Energy Hits Milestone in US

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Exciting news came to the United States renewable energy market in March of 2017 when wind and solar energy generated 10 percent of America’s electricity, a new energy milestone. This new milestone proves that renewable energy is a major source of electricity in the United States and is no longer simply an alternative energy source.

Wind took the lead in the number generating 8.6 percent of the total US electricity while the remaining 1.4 percent was sourced from solar. Measurements were accounted for from pulling energy usage from both residential and utility scale renewable energy applications. In previous year renewables only accounted for 7 percent of the United States electricity on a monthly basis. The large shift shows positive signs for the future growth of renewable energy even as some states fight against forward thinking legislation such as net metering. That being said however, Nevada had once again joined the solar market by reintroducing net metering to the sunny state. Both trends serve as a strong symbol that the market uptake in renewables will not be dying out anytime soon. Further, Texas took the lead in renewable energy generated by wind power while California remained in the strong lead for solar energy.

California continues to burst through barriers in solar energy as they are currently undertaking legislation that will expand their solar market to reach 100 percent by the year 2045. Though they plan to attempt to make the deadline sooner, the numbers they are projecting over the next forty years is impressive. In terms of forward thinking legislation, California continues to set the bar high, their first place standing in solar unmatched by even the second-place state in terms of energy production and residential solar installations.

Major corporations such as Amazon, Google and Walmart lead corporate renewable energy applications with major projects to be undertaken before the close of 2017. The EIA projects that wind and solar will generate 10 percent of United States electricity year-round by the year 2020. However, scientists believe that the country’s power supply could see an even larger share of renewable energy by then for at least part of the year, namely the spring and summer months for solar. The next milestone of 15 percent is expected to be reached within two to three years after 2020.

With solar manufacturing technology becoming more efficient each year, the industry further projects that the initial costs of installation will continue to decrease as the demand for renewables increases. Many solar panel manufacturers such as Canadian Solar have taken a more for less approach that is taken the industry by storm. Their high efficiency modules produce more energy and require fewer panels, and are compatible in areas with low sun hours which opens them up to an entirely new market and geographic locations. Inverter manufacturers are following suit, SolarEdge’s HD Wave series offers a smaller inverter that is both more efficient and easier to install then their predecessors. Not to mention new technology from Enphase Energy and LG Chem for more efficient energy storage. As the market and demand grows we become closer to a world with less pollution and more energy independence for both home and business owners.


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