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Learn Off-Grid Systems

Learn Off-Grid Systems


What Are Off-Grid Systems?

An Off-Grid System is an electrical producing power module which unlike 'Grid-Tie'; is not connected to a power utility. Off-grid systems are generally utilized when you are at remote locations which do not have access to a power grid, you choose to not connect to public utility's (such as electric), or applications such as; RV's, Boats, Cabins, Camping etc...

Like a Grid-Tie System, the Off-Grid System can also cover 100% of your energy needs, or more if excess energy is produced. The main difference being that energy is either used while it is being drawn from your solar array, and/or, extra energy is supplied into your battery banks - which is great for night time use, or for rainy days when less sunlight is available for your solar power system to convert.

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What Components are Off Grid Systems Made With?

Off Grid Solar Systems are comprised of: Solar Panels, Racking and Mounting, DC Disconnect Switch, Charge Controller (Which controls your household load), Battery Bank (Which can supply 1-3 day electricity depending), System Meter; Main DC Disconnect, DC/AC Inverter, AC Breaker (Typically in the basement which is then transferred to your Household Load), and Back Up Generator for Continuously Cloudy Days.

The systems will work in one of four ways depending on weather conditions.

1) Sunny Days- Sun Only- Electricity is supplied from the Charge Controller to the Inverter, allowing accessible power to the breaker while solar power is being produced.

2) Sun and Battery- When sun is not enough to meet your energy needs, the batteries compensate, this way works the same way as the sunny days system, with battery power added into the system meter in order to meet your energy needs.

3) Battery Energy at Night- When no sunlight is provided the batteries take over, again the batteries will typically have 1-3 days of electricity stored in them to meet your energy needs. This system works the same as the sun and battery system, however your solar panels will provide no energy to the AC inverter.

4) Back Up Generator- In continuously bad weather conditions, your back up generator will kick in and provide energy to your battery bank, the back up generator will turn off as soon as your battery life is full. Keep in mind that after the generator turns off, the system will work in the same way that the battery at night system worked.

Off-Grid systems can be useful for those who live in remote locations, and/or want to become independent from energy companies.

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