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Enphase Envoy System Monitoring

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*Enphase Enlighten Dashboard and Mobile App

There are many perks to having microinverters for your solar array. Higher system life, individual power to each of your solar panels, and easy system expansion to name a few. Perhaps the most impressive and useful to the homeowner, is system monitoring. Using the Enphase Enlighten, homeowners can monitor not only their system’s performance, but the performance of each individual panel. With the ability to monitor up to 600 microinverters, the Enlighten is a worthwhile investment. Monitoring has many benefits, not only are homeowners able to track and enhance their system performance, they can set up alerts to be notified for any errors, and be able to simply address those issues. This technology is extremely useful to those who are completely disconnected from the grid, as they can monitor their system performance throughout the day and see where they can cut back on energy usage, and the possibilities of enhancing their system if needed. The frustration of not having insight into your system performance and guessing is over.

*Enphase Envoy System Monitoring Diagram

The Enphase Envoy connects to the microinverters via their individual IP addresses. The Envoy then connects to the internet through either an Ethernet bridge or Wi-Fi. Each panel can be monitored via the LCD display or on any screen with the Enlighten gateway, and Enlighten App. Homeowners can further look into information such as the current and lifetime performance metrics. This deep insight into the performance of your system and individual panels further enables homeowners to more easily trouble shoot and address any problems. Problems can be addressed directly through the homeowner, or by your installation team that you can allow full access to the Enlighten software to give them an overview of your system. Knowing where the issue may be not only makes fixing the system easier, it saves you money and gives you the knowledge to perhaps address the problem yourself in the near future.

Troubleshooting can either be addressed immediately, or during your next maintenance cycle. Furthermore, you can set up system alerts to alert you directly to your desktop or mobile device, giving you complete control over your system. Although there may be a great deal of information for a new solar system owner, the easy layout of the Enlighten software makes it easy to get started. The following video shows an overview of the Enlighten software.

We are very excited about the continued expansion of technology into solar. By allowing homeowners access into their system, knowledge expands along with efficiency. It may be possible that giving homeowners this knowledge into their system will give their friends and neighbors the final motivations to go solar and become energy independent in a clean and environmentally friendly manner.

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