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Learn Grid-Tie Systems

Learn Grid-Tie Systems


What Are Grid-Tie Systems?

A Grid-Tie Solar System, is an electrical producing power module which is connected to a 'power grid', i.e., (your local utilities company). Grid-tie systems are generally meant to be connected to these power grids for two main purposes;

1) Installing a lesser kw system, which covers a part of your energy demand. Which lessen the need to buy energy from your utilities company, sharing your electric needs with the solar power system. Also reducing monthly cost of your electricity.

2) Installing a higher kw system, which covers all or more than your energy demand. This acts as a 'power generator', which 100% of your bill is offset by solar production. Excess energy produced by you is fed back into the power grid, giving either credits for future energy use, or paid out as a check from your utilities company. This option covers all your energy needs, and can produce extra income.

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What Components are Grid-Tie Systems Made With?

Grid-Tie Systems are comprised of: Solar Panels, Racking and Mounting, DC Disconnect Switch, DC/AC Inverter, AC Breaker, Electric Meter, and the Utility Grid.

Solar Power Grid-Tie Systems work in four ways:

1) Sun Only- DC power is converted into AC power through the DC/AC 'Inverter'. This power is fed into the Breaker Panel, which powers your home. All available power would come from your solar panels.

2) Sun and Grid- Typically on cloudy or rainy days, works the same as the sun only system, only the utility grid feeds electricity through the electric meter into the AC Breaker and into the household load. In this instance, both sun and utility power and powering your home.

3) Sun and Excess Energy- Same as the sun only system, however in this case, excess electricity is feed through the AC Breaker, to the Electric Meter and into the utility grid. In most states, the utility company will pay you for this excess energy in what is known as net metering or net billing.

4) Grid at Night- Works the same as it normally does, with the utility grid providing electricity for your household load.

Grid-Tie Systems are the same as grid power, only all or some of your electricity comes from the sun.

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