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Trina Solar PD Series Solar Panels

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Trina Solar

Trina Solar offers innovative, reliable products that are highly efficient and backed by a strong customer centered company. Trina Solar is well known for being one of the leading companies in the solar industry for customer service. From initial installation to the end of your warranty period, they are easy to contact and have friendly and reliable support. While support is a great benefit to have from any company, homeowners are primarily concerned with efficiency ratings, installation and lifetime efficiency, in this regard, the PD series has you covered. The panels are ideal for large scale installations with their high powerful footprint that reduces installation time and bill of sale costs. This makes the panels even more efficient for home installations. The PD series is one of the industries most trusted modules and has field proven performance. Due to highly reliable and stringent quality control these panels make for a reliable buy that could last long past their warranty period with proper installation practices and maintenance.

Like many new panels, the PD series is certified to withstand challenging environmental conditions. The PD series offers high load capacities including: up to 2400 Pa wind load, 5400 Pa snow load, and 25 mm hail stones at 82 km/h to name a few. These high load capacities are ideal for areas with demanding environmental conditions. Although many solar modules are strictly tested, it is important to check the ratings to ensure that they will fit your environmental conditions. Even in the strictest of climates you do not need to compensate on efficiency as the panels have an efficiency rating of 16.2%. In combination with their high ratings and efficiency ratings it is easy to see why they are one of the preferred panels on a budget.

Trina Solar 315w Poly Solar Panel

*Trina Solar TSM-315PD14 315w Poly Panel

In terms of cost, Trina Solar has always kept the end user in mind, pricing their panels at highly affordable rates. They accomplish this through an impressive set of technology centers around the world where they produce the panels and decrease the costs associated with manufacturing solar panels. The decrease in costs is passed onto the end user, technology is what allows this to happen. Trina Solar is consistently working on increasing not only their cell technology, but their manufacturing processes as well. Over the past five years Trina has improved their solar panels performance and decreased manufacturing time and emissions made in the manufacturing process. Their dedication to their customers and the environment is very admirable and welcome in the renewable energy industry.

All in all, Trina Solar has impressive technology and industry leading customer service that makes them a strong company to consider using when going solar. For commercial applications, their lower cost and high energy efficiency can be essential in putting together and quoting a system. Residents also benefit from the lower cost and efficiency in lower cost systems. The solar panels are also compatible with all residential racking systems such as IronRidge and SnapNrack from roof-top to ground mount.

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