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The Zomeworks Passive Solar Tracking Mounting System

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Taking a closer look at Solar Energy Systems and Mounting Solutions, it is important to note the importance of the Zomeworks Solar Track Racks. As an alternative to ground mount systems, the Zomeworks Passive Sun Tracker follows the sun’s path across the sky as the earth rotates on a daily basis.

We wanted to outline the benefits of using a passive solar tracker as an alternative to standard ground mount system installations, and help you decide if these systems are more beneficial for you to use (wherever you are).

Boosts Efficiency and Performance

Zomeworks UTRF-120

*Zomeworks UTRF-120

What is impressive about the solar tracker is in the bundle of qualities installers and homeowners received through the combined assets the UTRF trackers provide. Notably speaking, Solar Panel arrays using a passive tracking system receive an increased efficiency rate of approximately 20% more than standard.

Normal fixed mounted racking for solar power arrays are only absorbing a peak efficiency at certain times of the day, (depending on roof angles and facing, solar insolation map zones, and system design). A fixed system is only using so much of the PV modules potential, in a limited time frame.

Strong Design and Construction

*UTRF Frame

The Zomeworks Trackers are polar and single-axis type. Moving through 90 degrees of rotation, the tracking axis inclination can be adjusted to be optimized for better performance year round, (this is important for seasonal modifications for a changing sun path and helping the homeowner or business receive continuous performance during any season).

The main racking components of the solar tracker are made of welded steel, this lends to the quality in design for withstanding various weather conditions, from temperature, to winds, to snow and anything else nature might throw your way. The rails are made from 6000-series heat treated aluminum, and designed for the same reliability in withstanding weather conditions such as the rack components.

Accurate Tracking with Simple Technology

*Typical single day time-lapse of Zomeworks Passive Solar Trackers

The Track Rack is designed to follow the sun within +/- 10 degrees (high accuracy), enabling the tracking system to absorb more than 98% of available sunlight. Tracker alignment can be fined tuned with minor adjustments to the shadow plates for even better results.

With mechanical components, maintenance is eventually required, which is an added expense and can be time-consuming and frustrating for owners to deal with. The Track Rack has no moving parts or electronics to justify maintenance, and it only requires heat from the sun to operate. The Trackers do have two bearing for movement, and are both maintenance free, (higher kW models contain a grease fitting for periodic re-lubrication), which isn’t too troubling when needed.

Easy Delivery and a Solid Warranty

The track rack is easily delivered, and shipping is always more friendly than when dealing with hazardous batteries for shipment. The racks are broken down into several boxes (LTL Freight shipped for higher weights), and delivered as a bundle.

Zomeworks passive racking systems are made in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and are warranted for 10 years and 90 mph winds 3 second gusts. This gives peace of mind when putting together your entire Solar Power System, and knowing how much guaranteed life you can expect from the component’s used. The Tracks Racks deliver warranties comparable to most Inverters we supply, which with the Solaris advantage, is more than enough to see over a complete ROI, and more.

The Verdict

The Zomeworks Passive Solar Tracking System boasts impressive results and can be put into serious consideration for installations as an option for ground mount systems. Prices are comparable to complete Ground Mount solutions. These are great for small to medium sized projects where decent yard space or land is available to work with, (even though Zomeworks has stated the passive trackers are an excellent option for larger commercial based products). Systems are simple to set-up, and maintenance required is low, which means easy for novices or those who don’t want to worry about caring for their renewable energy generation. The tracker is also a performance booster, which will help attain higher levels of ROI earlier, and for a longer period of time. We suggest considering the Zomeworks Passive Track Racks for your Ground Mount installation for your next project. 

*Brief explanation of Passive Solar Panel Tracking

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