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IronRidge vs SnapNrack

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IronRidge and SnapNrack are two of the biggest names in solar racking. If you are new to solar, or are simply looking for the best racking system, it can be difficult to determine which racking system to go with. Which in turn, makes it even more difficult to narrow down the manufacturer. However, after a quick online search, you will typically come across these two installers due to their high quality and easy installation. In order to narrow down your preferred racking system, it is best to see how the two manufactures are different, and how they are similar.


When used in roof-top applications, both are considered penetrating roof mounts due to the need for your installer to penetrate your roof at the attachment points. Though the concept may seem daunting, the attachment points are spaced out, and both racking systems are designed to stop any leakage, including highly rated sealants for extra protection. Additionally, both systems are typically used on clay tile, asphalt and composite roofs. However, both can also be paired with QuickMount tile roof hooks for shingle roofs, and S-5! clamps for metal roofs; making them both a great solution for roof mount applications for all roof types.

* SnapNrack Roof Top Racking System

For ground mount systems, both IronRidge and SnapNrack offer ground mount systems that are designed to handle both small and large PV arrays. As with all solar racking, these manufactures do not carry the schedule three pipes typically used in side-mount, top of pole mount and ground mount applications. This is a standard in the industry, and these poles are easily sourced from local hardware stores such as HomeDepot.

Finally, both manufactures offer software programs for designing your system, well designed and informative installation guides/videos and helpful customer service. Because of these features, both manufacturers are a great fit for both professional installers as well as first time do-it-yourself homeowners.


The first noticeable difference between the two solar racking leaders is the warranty on their racking. SnapNrack offers a twenty-year warranty on aluminum products, and a ten-year warranty on all other products.  While IronRidge offers a twenty-five-year functional warranty, and a ten-year structural warranty on their products. If a longer warranty is part of your preferred features in a racking system, then IronRidge will be a better fit for you in this regard. However, if the warranty period is not a major factor in your decision making, then the manufacturers remain well matched.

*IronRidge Roof Mount System

One important thing to note about SnapNrack is that the deep rail channels offer the ability to run wires and cables within them, making the installation more streamlined and manageable. They also offer a number of wire management accessories (IronRidge does offer wire management clips as well), ensuring that each roof-top application is clutter free, and organized. SnapNrack, like their name, really does make racking installations easy.

IronRidge is known to have the strongest solar racking in the industry, therefore if you live in an environment that has extreme weather conditions such as, heavy snow, rain, hail, and wind; IronRidge may fit you best. However, if you live in a moderate climate, this added strength may not merit the additional cost of IronRidge. Although similarly priced, SnapNrack’s racking equipment is typically less expensive than IronRidge. The decision of which manufacturer to go with may also depend on the environmental conditions that you live in, so it is important to keep this in mind when making your final purchase.


When determining which solar racking manufacturer to use it is important to consider your budget, environmental condition, and needed warranty period in order to narrow down which industry leader you end up choosing. For any questions regarding the manufacturers, or to have your solar racking system designed by a Solaris technician, you may contact us with your details. Information such as the installation guides, and product specifications can be found on the manufactures product pages in the racking section, or on their manufacturer page directly.

*1/13/2017 - Updated SnapNrack's warranty information and other details regarding their racking systems.

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