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Connecticut Solar Energy Rebates and Incentives

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Despite the its small size, Connecticut is among the top 30 states in terms of population and is the fourth most densely populated state. The state also gets an average of 4.5 hours of direct sunlight per square meter on a daily basis, which is slightly more than New York. Connecticut was also rated top ten in terms of solar capacity as of 2008, which is due in large part to their solar incentives.

Due these factors, Connecticut is an ideal location for renewable energy for both residential and utility sized solar arrays. To encourage installations in both the residential and business the state offers a wide variety of incentives for solar, and wind. Many of the incentives are offered through utility companies, however there are some offered through the state itself. Due to the changing nature of utility incentives, home and business owners are encouraged to inquire with their local utility company and installer for new rebates and incentives.

In terms of state incentives, Connecticut is one of a handful of states that offers a sales tax incentive, which is a 100% exemption on sales tax for renewable products. This incentive is available for solar water heat, solar space heat, photovoltaics, geothermal heat pumps and direct use, other distributed generation technologies, and associated equipment. To claim the exemption, purchasers need to fill out the Cert140 Form and submit it to the Connecticut government website.

Connecticut’s Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) introduced a new residential solar investment program in March of 2012, with an update that followed in January of 2013. The program’s goal is to support a total of 30 megawatts of residential solar installations. It is limited to customers of the state’s investor-owned utility companies such as: Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating. Homeowners are encouraged to contact their local utility companies to see if they are eligible to participate in the program

Connecticut also offers extensive net metering opportunities for: solar thermal electric, photovoltaics, landfill gas, wind, biomass, hydroelectric, fuel cells, municipal solid waste, small hydroelectric, tidal energy, wind energy, ocean thermal, and fuel cells using solar energy. Under Connecticut’s net metering program, net excess generation is credited forward on the customer’s next energy bill at a retail rate, and can be reimbursed at a wholesale rate.

Rebates and Incentives

Industry Recruitment / Support:
  • Operational Demonstration Program
  • Sales and Use Taxes for Items Used in Renewable Energy Industries
Local Rebate Program:
  • Litchfield Hills Region - Business Energy Efficiency Program
PACE Financing:
  • Local Option - Residential Sustainable Energy Program
Performance-Based Incentive:
  • Connecticut Light & Power - ZREC and LREC Long Term Contracts
  • The United Illuminating Company - ZREC and LREC Long Term Contracts
Property Tax Incentive:
  • Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Systems
Sales Tax Incentive:
  • Exemption from Electric Generation Tax
  • Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Energy-Efficient Products
  • Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Solar and Geothermal Systems
State Grant Program:
  • Combined Heat and Power Pilot Grant Program
  • Commercial Solar Thermal Incentive Program
  • Community Innovations Grant Program
  • On-Site Renewable DG Program
State Loan Program:
  • Combined Heat and Power Pilot Loan Program
  • Energy Conservation Loan
  • Energy Efficiency Fund (Electric and Gas) - Residential Energy Efficiency Financing
  • Low-Interest Loans for Customer-Side Distributed Resources
State Rebate Program:
  • Commercial and Industrial Rebate Program
  • Geothermal Rebate Program
  • Residential Solar Investment Program
  • Solar Thermal Incentive Program
Utility Loan Program:
  • Energy Efficiency Fund (Electric) - Small Business Energy Advantage Program
  • Norwich Public Utilities - Zero Percent Financing Program
Utility Rebate Program:
  • Energy Efficiency Fund (Electric and Gas) - Residential New Construction Program
  • Energy Efficiency Fund (Electric) - Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Energy Efficiency Fund (Electric) - Home Energy Solutions and Performance Programs
  • Energy Efficiency Fund (Gas) - Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Energy Efficiency Fund (Gas) - Home Energy Solutions and Performance Programs
  • Groton Utilities - Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs
  • Groton Utilities - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
  • Norwich Public Utilities (Electric) - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
  • Norwich Public Utilities (Gas) - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
  • Norwich Public Utilities - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Rules, Regulations and Policies

Appliance / Equipment Efficiency Standards:
  • Energy Efficiency Standards for Appliances
Building Energy Code:
  • Building Energy Code
Energy Efficiency Resource Standard:
  • Renewable Portfolio Standards - Energy Efficiency Component
Energy Standards for Public Buildings:
  • Energy Efficiency Requirements for State Government
Generation Disclosure:
  • Fuel Mix and Emissions Disclosure
Green Power Purchasing:
  • CT Clean Energy Communities
  • Green Power Purchase Plan
  • Interconnection Standards
Net Metering:
  • Net Metering
Public Benefits Fund:
  • Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF)
  • Energy Efficiency Fund
Renewables Portfolio Standard:
  • Renewables Portfolio Standard
Solar/Wind Permitting Contractor Licensing:
  • Solar and Wind Contractor Licensing
Solar/Wind Permitting Standards:
  • Local Option  - Building Permit Fee Waivers for Renewable Energy Projects


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